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製品案内 有機顔料や顔料加工品など様々な色に関する製品を取り扱っています。

Organic Pigment
UV photoinitiator
Functional color materials

UV photoinitiator

● Product information

What is UV printing?
UV printing is a type of printing that makes use of ultra-violet light to dry or cure the ink as it gets printed on the surface.

About UV photoinitiator
UV photoinitiators have been widely used in surface processing industry, including UV printing mainly.
We have good relationship with overseas suppliers and are importing high quality UV photoinitiators.
Our chemical business offers photoinitiators, monomers, dyes, pigments, intermediates and other fine chemicals.

The advantages of photoinitiators from an environmental perspective include absence of VOC, energy savings, and clean technology.

If you have any other question on each product with specific requirements, please feel free to contact us whenever.

UV_product line-up
UV_product line-up
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