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製品案内 有機顔料や顔料加工品など様々な色に関する製品を取り扱っています。

Organic Pigment
UV photoinitiator
Functional color materials

Organic Pigment

What is organic pigment? Since you may not hear the word of organic pigments, we would like to briefly explain the definition of pigments and dyes as follows.
Pigments : insoluble in solvents
Dyes : soluble in solvents

pigment dye
 coloring method particle
(=insoluble in solvents)
(=soluble in solvents)
 resistance strong weak
 coloring power strong weak
 color development weak strong
Types and characteristics of pigments

● Types and characteristics of pigments

They are roughly divided into two types: an inorganic pigment and an organic one. Inorganic pigments are also called ‘mineral pigments’ having high chemical resistances and excellent hiding power; however, they have less tinting strength than organic pigments. As its name suggests, organic pigments are synthetized from organic compounds. They are brighter and more colorful than inorganic pigments, having small particle and higher tinting strength. However they have less hiding power and chemical resistances.

About Brilliant Carmine 6B

● About Brilliant Carmine 6B

Organic pigments made by us are Azo pigments and Lake pigments.
Our symbolic main product "Brilliant Carmine 6B is soluble Azo pigment basis.
The color is called magenta with brilliant bluish red.
It is very suitable on brighter, stronger and highly color transparent.
By our unique technology of particle control, we could make high transparency, brightness and dispersibility product with continuous customers satisfaction.



Printing ink, Toner, Paint, Plastic, Cosmetic, Rubber, Ink jet ink, Textile printing, Stationery
Brilliant Carmine 6B is used for ink printing industry as high brighter function.

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